Vicky 'n' Chris family

Chris maried Vicky Karayiannis in 2004

... then kids

Toni (born in 2004) and Christopher (born in 2005)

 ... click on the pix to enlarge ...


... family summertime


- I'm father to similar age kids
- I'm 65 old DJ, strong, hard, kind of macho
- but tears in my eyes when watchin' these vi 

Chris was still with Audioslave that while on a tour in France he met his second wife Vicky Karayiannis, Vicky a publicist who was living in France by that time was born in the US she comes from a Greek family with restaurateurs and musical roots, after all her brother is 37-year-old Nicholas Karayiannis also known as DJ Nick Blast who is also Chris and Vicky partner at their Paris restaurant 'Black Calavados'. 


Chris Cornell family pix:

Vicky Cornel pix:

Toni Cornell pix:

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